The Sandlot


When Scottie Smalls (Thomas Guiry) moves to a new neighborhood, he manages to make friends with a group of kids who play baseball at the sandlot. Together they go on a series of funny and touching adventures. The boys run into trouble when Smalls borrows a ball from his stepdad that gets hit over a fence.

Meanwhile, behind a wall at the end of the sandlot is a backyard inhabited by “the Beast”, an English Mastiff so large and savage that it has become a neighborhood legend. One day, the boys’ last ball lands in the Beast’s backyard.

and when the ball went over the fence that meant the ball was never coming back (well,except  for that one time Benny Rodriguez was able to steal it from “The Beast”. and more etc. and its a funny and cool movie so i inspire alot of people to watch this. etc.

CRR#3 Tims Meme blog

This relates to The Wave because

      In the movie Laurie didn’t like what was happening with the wave so she broke up with her David and David  was liked the wave.  One day they ran into each other because David wanted to stop her from talking bad about the wave, but there was a twist and David almost hurt Laurie but he stopped his self and said sorry and they were back together. They went to Mr. Ross’s house to tell him that the wave was not good for people because bad things have been happening to people and that made Mr. Ross not do the wave anymore by going on stage and telling everyone who they were really following and it was Hitler and everyone didn’t like the wave anymore. And so this shows everyone to follow what you believe in and good will come your way and how you want things.       

Ball up

Hi I am a sporty and energetic guy I love playing sports, but the sport I have the most fun playing is basketball and I will love to talk to you guys about basketball, I will also love to teach u and show u guys more about basketball. But my blog will be interesting and fun for you guys because basketball Is a cool and amazing sport . So I hope you guy’s like my blog and I will catch you guys later on the court. And this Is my intro to my class blog.

The Crossover

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      Have you guys ever wondered what It Is like crossing some one up, well If You did I bet It was awesome for you, and that’s why I am introducing you guys to the book The Crossover,  because this book will Impact you guys in a lot of ways and you will love this book trust me, its gonna be awesome.

      The Crossover Is a amazing and loving book about basketball, family, and the love of the game this video, blog and  quotes will inspire you and It will show you guys more about the book and what is happening and what the book means. So watch this video to learn about some specific things about the book.

Image result for great basketball quotesImage result for great basketball quotesImage result for great basketball quotesImage result for great basketball quotes

The video was good wasn’t it, it helped you learn more about the book  didn’t it well know were done with the video il tell you what my point of view of the book is.

I chose this book for my blog because this is my favorite book and it is a fiction book which it lets me relate to it in real life instead of fake.

I relate to this book because me and my best friend Shawn loved to go outside and play basketball and so  when i was little me and him would always go outside and play basketball I was good but not great so since Shawn was way better than me  he thought me how to play basketball and get better at It and then I grew to be a really good basketball player like Shawn and so when we played basketball for school we were like the brothers in the book crossing, shooting and swishing the ball into the hoop and It was awesome because we did great with our talent. And I can go on about how i can relate to things about this book but this one is my favorite one.

And I would persuade you guys to read this book because of how awesome and amazing this story Is and If you read It I hope you enjoy It.

And If you guys like this book the author Kwane Alexander has written lots of more awesome books such as  Booked, and The Playbook.

This book had such a impact on me because It related to my life and It Is a book about family, love of the game, and sadness.

Other books that were like this were the books called Guys Read, and Summer Ball.

So this is the end of my blog so I hope you guys loved my blog and I also hope you guys read and love the book The Crossover so I’ll catch you guys later on the court and you better bring your back pack because I am about to teach you a lesson. lol.